Bernard Brown

“During July 2011, the Catholic Bishop of Geraldton formed a consultative committee to plan a major initiative for the Catholic Diocese of Geraldton to restore the iconic Geraldton cathedral and to develop a new infrastructure to service the community and visitors to the City.

Very early in the program we realised we needed help and approached Jim Murphy for assistance. We lacked nothing in enthusiasm but we needed a leader with knowledge and the experience of establishing a capital fund raising campaign. Jim provided this and we were grateful that he was willing to give of his knowledge of people and processes that allowed our group to commence our fund raising efforts with confidence.

We still call on Jim regularly for advice and appreciate his willingness to assist us throughout our long and extensive efforts to complete our program by 2016, the Centenary year of the Cathedral.

Without Jim’s help we would still be floundering and would not have achieved what we have and that is the confidence to eventually find our own way towards a successful outcome.” 

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