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We help Not-For-Profit businesses transform
by adding value to their expertise

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We connect you to a network of
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We work as part of your team
...we are very ACTION FOCUSED


Blue Zoo

Blue Zoo “Transforming governance from paper to process to culture – one organization at a time”. Blue Zoo provide governance, strategy, sustainability and risk consulting services across all industries, to businesses that are looking to improve their performance. Blue Zoo deliver success for our clients by leading self-renewal of direction, unlocking value in the right levels of business capability, and by creating a more certain future (resilient, informed and sustainable).

Blue Zoo brings a pragmatic and actively different perspective to management advisory services. We invest in a deep understanding of our clients and champion change in order to deliver meaningful outcomes that are lasting, sustainable and beneficial.

Business Transformation

Blue Zoo’s Governance Advisors specialize in business transformation by building well-governed enterprises that align objectives, strategy and culture to achieve significant change. We believe we can improve governance by encouraging a healthy organizational culture that embraces governance practices and will deliver improved and lasting performance.
The twin hallmarks of strategic planning are the size of decisions and their long term significance. In today’s business world, strategy implementation is of great significance, inseparable from effective leadership and communication. Blue Zoo unlocks tangible and intangible assets to enable success by foreseeing and planning for the change journey that is required of each employee to realize it.
Blue Zoo’s risk management involves achieving an appropriate balance between seeing opportunities for gains while minimizing losses. It is an integral part of good management practice and an essential element of good corporate governance. To be most effective, risk management should become part of an organization’s culture.

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80 Twenty

80 Twenty, believes that business is best conducted by creating long term relationships that are based on openness, honesty and mutual respect. This is fundamental in 80 Twenty’s engagement with clients and has proven to be the best and most effective way to deliver value.

80 Twenty’s approach is to ensure that all continuous improvement initiatives are embedded within your business. As such, we ensure that we build internal expertise within your organisation through knowledge sharing, training, implementing and being your business pacemaker .

Business Transformation

Business Process Improvement
By implementing a well-structured and targeted business process improvement program, a business will generally yield much greater returns than with most other types of investment.
LEAN Principles
LEAN is the key business improvement philosophy developed to maximise customer value whilst minimising waste. A systematic approach is taken to identify and eliminate eight types of waste, which reduce profitability.
People Focus
As new technology, new products and business reorganisation is introduced, processes will come and go, but People are the only constant. Any process improvement will reveal issues, which in turn need to be solved by People. As such, would it not make sense to develop your People to ensure continuous improvement is embedded within your organisation?

Glide Agency

Glide Agency

Glide help their clients succeed online with great service and well branded, coordinated and measurable Design, Development, Paid Search, SEO, Social Media, Display Advertising and Analytics. Glide aims to be a trusted partner and solutions provider, informing decisions and improving outcomes for Marketing Managers.

Digital Marketing

Paid Search
Glide drives measurable business intent in the form of online traffic from paid internet marketing channels such as Google Adwords, Display, Video Advertising (including re-targeting) and Social Advertising.

Search Engine Optimisation is the setup and management of a websites; ability to be indexed correctly, the text and information on the site and finally its link popularity, with the intention of ranking pages favourably in search engine results, for good keywords related to the sites purpose.

Glide’s objectives for NFP client’s SEO are:

* Increase traffic from search engines for non-branded search terms
* Ensure traffic is high quality by maintaining or increasing site conversion
* Quantify a positive return on investment from SEO services

 Glide provides website and digital marketing analytics which is concise and relevant, which makes it easier for businesses to make the best marketing and business decisions. Glide specialise in looking at the types traffic that feed to your website, direct, organic traffic, referral based, or campaign related, location based traffic by country or state based, average time on site and bounce rates.

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The Thought Collective

Thought Collective is a highly strategic creative hub.

We form a collaborative relationship with our clients that gives you access to our best-of-breed team of specialists in every field of marketing and communications, as and when you need them. As communications experts we have the know-how to get your message to market in the most powerful way possible.

Brand Strategy

Brand Strategy
Thought Collective has extensive experience developing brand strategies for businesses operating in the retail, travel, property and NFP sectors
Brand Design
Thought Collective has a highly experienced team who have developed many memorable and highly effective brands for a wide range of companies.
 Thought Collective senior management team have substantial experience analyzing markets and consumer behavior. Their market insights have help numerous clients get their brand strategy on track.