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A methodology designed specifically for NFPs

Six Stage Methodology


Success Factors
Understand the critical success factors, and the context in which they have been developed.

Internal Environment
Explore and comprehend the organisations internal culture. Review strategies and goals.

External Environment
Understand the industry drives, and competitive environment.

Research gaps in knowledge
Business Modelling
Model business processes.

Stakeholder Input
Facilitate workshops and interviews. Use tried and tested tools to gain structured stakeholder input.

Competitor Analysis
Use qualitative and quantitative techniques to understand competitors.

Data Aggregation
Bring together critical data and make it easy to understand and model.

Interviews & Surveys
Initiate interviews and surveys in order to fill gaps in knowledge, and facilitate performance measurement later.

Creative Thinking
Structured critical thinking and hypothesis testing.

Review global standards and measure relevance.


Team Building
Begin to build stakeholder consensus around the need for change.

Structured Invention
Use Structured Inventive Thinking methodology to develop alternative solutions.

Explore innovation models. Establish where incremental and/or strategic innovation is required.


Synthesize Alternatives
Model options and measure outcomes.

Design The Future
Develop strategies for organisational change, and new products/services.
Creating Value

Action Planning
Develop and initiate action plans – Who does what when, what is the desired outcome and what resources are required.

Implement action plans, measure performance and outcomes.

Working with NGO Manager

To make sure we align the wide range of business partners and expertise the NGOM network offers, our methodology has been specifically designed to provide the ‘best fit solution’ for NFP’s in a cost effective package.  In fact our methodology frequently identifies opportunities to raise the funds for our services before the project has truly commenced.

NGOM’s core expertise is based around transforming NFP organsisations to have the capacity to generate recurring revenue streams from commercial activity, that does not depend on grants and/or donations. Previous clients have worked with NGOM to develop these alternative revenue streams from sources such as Intellectual Property, Innovative Products and Services or through Commercial Property development.

The methodology diagram above, describes the six key stages NGOM will work through with your organisation. NGOM knows that every organisation is different, and we tailor the process methodology to suite your organisations needs and budget. If you need to know more, complete the form on this page or just email

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